Steve McSwain

"Things I've Learned from the Spiritual Master" by Steve McSwain is now

On the day of my spiritual awakening, everything changed for me.  Instantly, I felt engulfed by a sacred presence, the likes of which I had never known before. The sacred sense of the Divine presence has never abated since then, either. Today, I live in a state of perpetual peace almost continuously. Sure, the intensity varies from moment to moment, but a feeling of the sacredness of all of life never does.  Self-loathing, self-judgments, self-doubt, all symptoms of a low self-esteem, have given way to peace and confidence, self-love and self-acceptance.  I still have questions, even doubts.  What is different today, however, is that I accept them, even relish them, knowing and appreciating the paradoxical realities within myself and within this universe. Resistance to life itself, characteristic of my daily existence prior to the awakening, has all but disappeared, too…
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