Naomi F. Stone

“Contemplation: Developing Awareness of the Revelations of the Present Moment” by Naomi F. Stone is now

Contemplation, very simply, is living with awareness and being fully awake to what is happening around us as we live each day. It is to be attentive to the present moment of life as it is unfolding both before us and within us. It is to meet the moment as if we are meeting it for the first time, for, in truth, that is exactly what is happening. We are meeting the present moment as a totally new event. If we assume that every day is a repetition of outer activity, we miss the more subtle things that are happening. If whatever we do is all about ourselves and only what we are thinking and feeling and doing, then we will miss the possibilities of what is going on all around us.  If we only listen to the churning thoughts of our rational minds, we will miss the inner truth arising within our hearts…

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