Meister Eckhart

Meister Eckhart— Mystic Philosopher (c.1260- 1328) is now

Meister EckhartMeister Eckhart was born to a German family of landowners. At age 15, he joined the Dominican order at Erfurt, Germany, and later spent years in Paris, Cologne and Strasburg teaching, writing, and preaching. His sermons emphasize God's presence in the individual soul, an awareness which awakens dignity and a natural outpouring of honest deeds. His radical ideas and unusual images disturbed church authorities so much that he was eventually brought to inquisitional proceedings for suspected heresy. Eckhart claimed that while he might have made some errors, he was not a heretic and his intent was to inpire listeners to do good. He died before there was a verdict to his case. His followers then and now regard his unorthodox writings as profound expressions of Christian mysticism.
-—Margaret Wakeley…

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